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Also known as: Blu-Majic,  NATEC Blue Magic,  AquaPure,  Blue Magic,  Swimming Pool Magic
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Eco True Int'l is a safe, copper-based Chlorine Free algaecide and bactericide/fungicide for swimming pools, ponds, lagoons, and wastewater systems. The copper solution kills bacteria, such as ecoli and algae and is safer than Chlorine in swimming pools. No more "Green Algae" swimming pools.

Stops Burning Eyes and Other Chlorine Based Swimming Pool Allergies.

The liquid copper is easy to use - Just Pour It In - It's Maintenance Free. Eliminate most swimming pool chemical costs. Reduce Running Time for Pumps. Eco True Int'l copper eliminates or dramatically reduces swimming pool opening costs. No algae killer or algaecide is safer than copper sulfate pentahydrate. Eco True Int'l copper clears up swimming pools, ponds and lagoons without harmful algaecides or dangerous algae killers. It is a natural pesticide, molluskicide, and algae killer.

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Eco True Int'l is an environmentally safe product (copper sulfate pentahydrate in permanent suspension), that greatly simplifies swimming pool, pond, lagoon clean up and wastewater purification and saves up to 75% over toxic and dangerous chemicals! Treat your pool using our new and improved chelated stabilized vitamin grade copper sulfate pentahydrate.

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