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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Eco True Int'l For Your Pool

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What is Eco True Int'l Pool Product?

Eco True Int'l is a liquid product that is an alternative to chlorine in the purification of swimming pools and spas. Eco True Int'l is an environmentally friendly, totally healthy, risk-free, natural product that is both a bactericide and an algaecide. The purifying ingredient in Eco True Int'l is a natural substance that is found, and is required in all plants, animals and humans. This ingredient is also deemed to be safe by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF). Another characteristic is the unique suspension that our proprietary solution provides. It does not sink to the bottom, or noticeably lose its effectiveness, and that makes it a superior product in today's marketplace.

How does it work?

After an initial treatment, only small quantities of Eco True Int'l need to be added each month to maintain a pure and clean water environment. The active ingredient in Eco True Int'l inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae causing both to die - quickly and completely. The advanced formula developed for Eco True Int'l is far superior to any other formula on the market. Eco True Int'l will exceed the performance of any other similar product. At the same time, Eco True Int'l will prove more cost- effective to the pool or spa owner.

What's the matter with chlorine?

Historically, chlorine-based products have dominated the water purification market. However, today these products face a major challenge from both the health and environmental sectors. Although chlorine has been in use since the turn of the last century, current scientific studies tell us that chlorine is caustic, toxic and carcinogenic. The funny taste, burning eyes, dry hair and the bleached swimsuits are testaments that people and chlorine just don't mix. Chlorine has been directly linked to cancer of the breast, colon, kidney, bladder and stomach. And chlorine is a key component in one of the deadliest compounds known to man - PCB.

Also environmentally, chlorine and its by-products are bio-accumulative pollutants (once in the ecosystem, they stay there), and have been responsible for many aquatic disasters (fish kills, etc.). For this reason many scientists believe that chlorine should be banned, and several cities in Europe have already taken that action.

How is Eco True Int'l packaged?

Eco True Int'l will be sold as a liquid in one gallon plastic bottles for pools.

How much Eco True Int'l is required for my pool?

Pool Usage Table for Eco True Int'l

Pool Water (Gallons)






Initial Treatment

1-1/2 cups

3 cups

4 cups

6 cups

9 cups

Monthly Treatment

1/2 cup

1 cup

1-1/2 cups

2 cups

3 cups

1st Gallon will last

30 mths

14 mths

9 mths

6 mths

4 mths

Additional Gallon will last

32 mths

16 mths

11 mths

8 mths

5 mths

For a 20,000 gallon pool or larger, an initial two gallon order is highly recommended.

How much Eco True Int'l is required for my spa?

Spa Usage Table for Eco True Int'l

Spa Water (Gallons)






Initial Treatment






Number of Changes with 8






How much does Eco True Int'l cost? Eco True Int'l is as much as 60% more cost-effective than chlorine and demands only 50% of the time and work of chlorine water purifiers.

How will Eco True Int'l be sold?

Eco True Int'l will be sold direct to consumers through in-bound and out-bound telemarketing programs. TV, consumer magazine, newspaper advertising and direct mail will be the primary marketing vehicles.

What is the market for Eco True Int'l?

There are approximately seven million residential pools and four million residential spas in the United States . The majority of these pools and spas are located in California , Florida and Texas . Since Eco True Int'l is a risk-free natural product without the toxic and carcinogenic properties of chlorine, and since three states dominate the marketplace, it is not unreasonable to expect that all audiences will readily accept Eco True Int'l.

What are the directions for converting to Eco True Int'l?


Converting Your Pool

Converting Your Spa


• Adjust alkalinity to between 80 to 110 parts per million (ppm), and adjust pH to 7.3.
• Add 1 pound of chlorine or non-chlorine shock for every 10,000 gallons.
• Add a non-metallic algaecide according to its directions and brush any visible algae.
• Let filtration system run 24 hours.

• Drain and refill spa with fresh water. Start filtration system.
• Add a chlorine or non-chlorine shock according to directions.
• Add a non-metallic algaecide according to its directions and brush any visible algae.
• Let filtration system run 24 hours.


• Back wash filter.
• Remove any chlorine tablets.
• Adjust pH to 7.2.
• Add 3 cups of Eco True Int'l per 10,000 gallons of pool water by pouring it slowly into the pool while circling pool.

• Clean filter or backwash.
• Start filtration system.
• Adjust alkalinity to level suggested by spa manufacturer and adjust pH to 7.2.
• Add 1-ounce of Eco True Int'l for every 250 gallons of water

Three (Optional)

• Immediately add 1 gallon of Muriatic Acid.
• Let filtration system run until all water has been cycled through the pool.
• Check pH level and maintain pH level between 7.0 and 7.2.

• Add 4-ounces of SoftTouch Crystals for every 250 gallons of water.
• Immediately add 1/6 cup of Muriatic Acid (per 4 ounces of Crystals used).
• Let filtration system run until all water has been cycled through the spa.
• Check pH level and maintain the pH level between 7.0 and 7.2.

How do I maintain my pool/spa with Eco True Int'l?


Maintaining Your Pool

Maintaining Your Spa


• Check pH level. Maintain pH level between 7.0 and 7.2.

• Check pH level. Maintain pH level between 7.0 and 7.2.


• Backwash filter if needed.
• Start filtration system then add 1 cup of Eco True Int'l Bactericide/Algicide for every 10,000 gallons while circling the pool.
• Check copper level using a Copper Test Kit. Maintain copper level between 1.0 and 1.2 ppm.

• Check copper level using a Copper Test Kit. Maintain copper level between 2.0 and 3.0 ppm.

What is water balancing?

Water balancing means to verify and adjust the levels of pH, alkalinity and total hardness in your pool. A balanced pool not only gives you optimal benefit from your Eco True Int'l, it enhances your swimming experience. Below is your water balancing order:

Check current level of pH, alkalinity and total hardness; be sure to record the levels on your Water Balance Recordings Log.

Adjust Total Hardness - The total hardness (calcium and magnesium) ideally should not be over 300 ppm. In general, the ideal range for unite or vinyl lined pools is a total hardness is 180 ppm to 250 ppm. Refer to the Water Hardness Adjustment Chart in your Instruction Book for remedies.

Adjust Alkalinity - When Eco True Int'l is initially added to your pool, it will lower the alkalinity slightly. Therefore, when converting to Eco True Int'l, adjust alkalinity after adding Eco True Int'l. Refer to the Raising Alkalinity and Lowering Alkalinity Charts to make the necessary adjustments.

Adjust pH - As with alkalinity, Eco True Int'l will lower your pH slightly. Therefore, begin with a pH level of 7.3. To raise or lower your pH, refer to the Raising pH and Lowering pH Charts.

How does Eco True Int'l work?

It eliminates an enzyme that is attached to bad bacteria. Without that enzyme the bad bacteria can not reproduce and therefore simply die since the life span of bacteria is very short. The additional good news is that Eco True Int'l will actually feed the good bacteria which are beneficial to us.

Will Eco True Int'l eliminate harmful bacteria?

Think about bacteria reproducing in your pool when your chlorine level drops too low either from bright sunny days or from the load of several children in your pool. You may not see the dangerous bacteria, but they are still there. That is why a chlorinated pool needs to be shocked occasionally. By comparison, Eco True Int'l becomes part of the entire body of water so it continuously controls bacteria and algae to keep your family safe. Therefore, Eco True Int'l provides superior bacteria control since it is a constant and consistent bactericide. That is why you only need to add Eco True Int'l once a week if needed to maintain 1.2 to 2.0 total copper.

Can my local pool store or pool service company answer questions about Eco True Int'l?

Local pool stores and service companies are not educated about Eco True Int'l and are therefore not properly qualified to answer questions that you may have.

Why should I switch from Chlorine to Eco True Int'l?

Unlike Chlorine, Eco True Int'l is not toxic or caustic, and it will continuously control bacteria and algae to keep your family safe. Eco True Int'l will not dry your skin, dry your hair, or give your children red eyes. There is no risk of cancer with Eco True Int'l. Eco True Int'l is less expensive and simplifies maintenance which is why you only have to add it once a week or less. Even our environment will say "thank you" for making the effort to switch from chlorine to Eco True Int'l because it's environmentally friendly.

How safe is Eco True Int'l?

One of the key ingredients used in Eco True Int'l is a vitamin grade of copper sulfate pentahydrate which is even used in some brands of baby food. Furthermore, it has satisfactorily proven that there is more data confirming its safety than almost any other product.

Are all pool service companies receptive to switching to Eco True Int'l?

Although they should be, some pool service companies are not receptive because they fear they will lose clients since Eco True Int'l greatly simplifies pool maintenance. Also some pool service companies have used other products that contained an ingredient used in Eco True Int'l and those formulas generally did not work. Our formula is unique.

Why should I add chlorine shock and an algaecide before I convert to Eco True Int'l?

Chlorine generally does a good job of preventing an algae bloom; however chlorine alone will not eliminate the more tenacious algae. As a result there could be a significant algae build up in your chlorinated pool. This algae is simply waiting for the chlorine to disappear, and for the pool to be overlooked for a few days. Therefore, please follow the installation instructions.

I shocked my pool but I didn't use the recommended algicide will an algae bloom occur?

If an algae bloom is going to occur, it usually happens within two weeks of the chlorine being eliminated. If an algae bloom does occur, simply follow the initial installation instructions because the most cost-effective way to significantly reduce algae is the combination of a chlorine shock and a good algaecide combined with sweeping and good filtration. Make no mistake, we do not like recommending the use of chlorine but once this final shock and algaecide treatment are applied most pool owners will not have to add chlorine or a heavy duty algaecide again for a very long time.

How soon can my family swim after treating my pool with Eco True Int'l?

If your pool has great circulation then 30 minutes, if not, then 60 minutes is recommended.

What causes my children's eyes to burn after swimming in my pool?

Red and burning eyes in a chlorine environment is very common. With Eco True Int'l, however, you will not have red eyes. Should a burning sensation be felt, check your pH level. The normal pH level in your eye is 7.0 to 7.1. Your pH may need to be adjusted up or down. Remember, the optimum pH for a Eco True Int'l swimming pool is 7.2.

In my chlorinated pool, my children frequently have swimmer's ear. What happens when I convert to Eco True Int'l?

Chlorine indiscriminately kills all bacteria, both good and bad. For this reason, swimmer's ear often develops. A very unique characteristic of Eco True Int'l is that while it controls bad bacteria, it actually feeds and promotes the beneficial bacteria. This promotes a healthy environment for ears.

Is there anything that I need to be aware of before I convert to Eco True Int'l?

Yes, although Eco True Int'l only needs to be added once a month, it is a pH sensitive product and the pH should be adjusted once a week to 7.2.

The pH of our tap water is high what do you recommend?

Simply add muriatic acid to adjust your pH after you add water to your pool.

Why do you recommend a non metallic algaecide to initially convert to Eco True Int'l?

If a pool has had an excessive amount of metallic algaecide already in it, and the pool is then converted to Eco True Int'l, the result can be a higher concentration of copper in the pool than is recommended.

We have a Nature 2 system attached to our filtration unit, can we switch to Eco True Int'l?


Our pool has been treated with Baquacil can we simply switch to Eco True Int'l?

Sorry, but no you can't simply switch. Although it is possible to burn Baquacil out of a pool we have to strongly recommend completely draining a pool that has been treated with Baquacil. The filtration system must also be completely cleaned on a Baquacil pool before any other product can be added.

My pool has a leak. Can I still use Eco True Int'l?

Of course. We do, however, recommend that you take the necessary steps to immediately repair the leak in order to conserve water.

Will Eco True Int'l simplify my pool work?

Absolutely, less pool work is clearly one of the many benefits of Eco True Int'l.

If I try Eco True Int'l, can I switch back to chlorine if I don't like it for some reason?

Yes, you can switch back at any time. But considering the significant health risks, why would you? Give Eco True Int'l the chance that it deserves, and you'll be glad that you did.

Are there ever any problems that cannot be resolved when using Eco True Int'l?

No, none that we are aware of and the product has been in residential pools for over twelve (12) years. On an interesting note, over 95% of Eco True Int'l Customer Care calls are about general water problems. These problems often result from using other pool products, or they are about proper pool care. As a result, we have developed this easy to understand information for Eco True Int'l customers to better understand simple pool maintenance.

Are pools becoming more difficult to maintain and keep algae free or is it just me?

We feel that the amount of algae and other contaminates that are coming down with the rain have increased dramatically. However, the primary factor affecting ease of pool maintenance is the balance of your pool. If the Total Hardness gets higher, then pool products become less effective. The good news is that Eco True Int'l is a very pure product that does not significantly add to this problem.

Why do I need to add additional amounts of Eco True Int'l once a month?

A certain amount of Eco True Int'l is lost from the pool overflow after heavy rains. Back washing a filtration system will also reduce the amount of Eco True Int'l.

Could the copper in Eco True Int'l fall out of suspension?

To our knowledge this has not occurred, however, from our testing we feel that it could fall out of suspension if the pH remained above 8.0 ppm for several days. If this ever occurs, there is a straight forward procedure for resolving the problem.

For the examples below, Eco True Int'l will describe the water condition, the reason for the water condition, and the solution for resolving that condition.

The water in my pool appears to be cloudy, what is it and how do I fix it?

It is dead bacteria and fine particles that are not heavy enough to sink to the bottom of the pool. These suspended particles are easily coagulated with a water clarifier. Both chlorinated pools and pools treated with Eco True Int'l occasionally need to be treated with a water clarifier.

Check and adjust pH level. If the pH is very high a slight cloudiness can occur.

If pool water is still cloudy, add a water clarifier (HTH brand is preferred) according to instructions, however do not add a super clarifier Run the filtration system for 24 hours

What do I do if my water turns green or if algae appears?

First of all, if the initial installation instructions were followed this would rarely occur. However, if it did one of the following three reasons would be why. In addition, to reading the information below please review the section titled What I Need to Know about Algae.

If your pool water turns green or yellow - you have a full algae bloom. Generally this will only occur if the pool was not properly sanitized before introducing Eco True Int'l. If this is the case, you should carefully repeat the steps covered in the section titled How to Prepare Your Pool and Convert to Eco True Int'l in the Installation Guide.

If the pH level has been totally ignored for two weeks or longer, algae could appear on a pool surface. If the overall balance of the pool has also not been checked recently, this would be a good time to do so. Although algae rarely occurs in a pool treated with Eco True Int'l, you should first check and adjust the pH level to 7.2. Then if the algae spots are very minor, you can usually eliminate the algae by shocking the pool (1 lb. per 10,000 gallons) with the filter running for 24 hours, during which time you should brush the pool surface once a day for at least two (2) or three (3) days. Then backwash the filtration system and increase the level of Eco True Int'l to 1.5 parts per million. If there are several algae spots, repeat all steps listed under Step Two - Day One under How to Prepare Your Pool and Convert to Eco True Int'l, and then increase Eco True Int'l to 1.5 ppm.

If an unusual amount of algae should come down with the rain, repeat all steps listed under Step Two - Day One under How to Prepare Your Pool and Convert to Eco True Int'l.

What can I do about stains on bottom of a pool that are caused by tree debris?

Since Eco True Int'l is not a bleach like chlorine, you may want to occasionally super shock your pool (3 lbs. per 20,000 gals.) be sure not to use the pool for five (5) days.

Does vitamin C work on stains?

Yes, vitamin C will erase some stains. We like it because it's all natural. So here's a tip, before buying expensive vitamin C in a powder form first crush regular vitamin C tablets that you have at home to see if it will work.

We live near a wooded area and occasionally frogs jump into our pool. Will they be okay after we rescue them?

Absolutely. Eco True Int'l is friendly to all animals, however a swimming pool is not a safe place for frogs to live.

Can my pets enjoy my pool now that I have converted to Eco True Int'l?

Absolutely. Eco True Int'l creates an environment that is healthy and friendly to all animals.

How do I eliminate a brown stain in the grout on the tiled portion of my pool?

Certain natural enzyme products can produce what appear to be brownish stains, and also pool cleaning hoses may turn brownish. Simply mix one (1) part muriatic acid with 10 parts water, and dip your hoses in the solution a couple of times and rinse immediately. Use a slightly stronger mix of 1 part muriatic acid to 5 parts of water for tile and grout and rinse immediately. The brownish stain will quickly and easily disappear if a natural enzyme product caused it.

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