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Algae Control - New and Improved Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate


Bluemajic Algae Control

CHARACTERISTICS - Eco True Int'l is a unique copper reagent which provides stabilized copper sulfate solution used to control algae and pond weed in irrigation reservoirs, ponds and lakes. Eco True Int'l is formulated in liquid copper form which is water soluble to facilitate use. Eco True Int'l will remain in a stable copper solution (will not precipitate to the bottom), without agitation over wide ranges of pH, water hardness and temperatures. The active ingredient (copper) will remain in solution until depleted to effectively control algae levels for longer periods. Minimal copper accumulation in sediment occurs. The copper sulfate pentahydrate stays in suspension indefinitely. Boiling or freezing will cause the copper to drop to the bottom.

- Copper as metallic 5% by weight.


Fish and Aquatic Organisms
Copper Sulfate has been shown to be effective in reducing oxygen robbing algae in ponds and lakes where catfish eggs need this valuable oxygen.

This product, if used at higher than recommended treatment levels, is toxic to fish and may cause significant reduction in population of aquatic invertebrates, plants and fish if directions for use are not followed. Do not use this product to treat water containing trout or related species.

APPLICATION - Simply pour one ( 1 ) gallon of Eco True Int'l copper to 130,000 gallons of water to be treated or 2.5 gallons of Eco True Int'l for each acre foot in a pond or lake. Treat 1/4 of the pond at a time, wait 1 week and treat another quarter and repeat the process until the algae disappears.

HANDLING - Store concentrate Eco True Int'l in original container and above 32 degrees F°. Freezing may cause product separation.

SPECIAL NOTE - Eco True Int'l is available in one, five and 55 gallon containers.

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