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Also known as: Blu-Majic,  NATEC Blue Magic,  AquaPure,  Blue Magic, Natures Pool,  Eco True Int'l

For Odor Control livestock waste and other farm uses (Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate in liquid form)


Eco True Int'l is a recently developed natural vitamin grade chelated copper sulfate pentahydrate which is superior to virtually every other product on the market today.

TYPICAL USES - Animal waste lagoons, confinement pits, feed lot or run- off lagoons, general rinse for walls, floors and general rinses to control algae and bacteria. Excellent natural bacteria/algaecide for hog farms, horse farms, chicken farms and other copper sulfate farm uses.

CHARACTERISTICS - Eco True Int'l chemically reacts with odorous sulfur compounds and reduces ammonia gases as Eco True Int'l is an ammonia buffer. Examples of odorous sulfur compounds where this product is effective are: Hydrogen sulfide, Methyl Mercaptans, Ethyl Mercaptans, Propyl Mercaptans and Butyl Mercaptans. The resultant insoluble salt,CupricSulfide, is a solid compound that is discharged in the effluent or sludge. There are no objectionable side reactions occurring that produce compounds which may be an environmental concern.


ACTIVE INGREDIENT - Copper as metallic 5 % by weight

APPLICATION - Rates may vary depending on amounts of organic matter in animal waste lagoons, confinement pits or feedlot runoff lagoons. Application should be done by pouring Eco True Int'l directly from container into pit or lagoon. Use one ( 1 ) gallon of Eco True Int'l to 60,000 gallons of lagoon or pit contents. For best results, add Eco True Int'l at several points in the lagoon or pit. Odors should be noticeably reduced in 2 weeks. Repeat application when odors reoccur.

- Store concentrate Eco True Int'l in original container and above 32 degrees F°. Freezing may cause product separation.

SPECIAL NOTE - Eco True Int'l is available in one, five and 55 gallon containers.

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