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Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate (Vitamin Grade Chelated)

Other uses of our technologically advanced formula of chelated copper sulfate include:

1. Agricultural use: chelated copper sulfate has been shown safe and effective, as a fungicide for the control of powdery mildew and numerous other crop infections in row crops, grape vines, tree crops, citrus, and most vegetables crops. Use as a replacement for Beaurdeau mixed copper sulfate or commercial beaurdeau pesticide. This new and improved formula is a great natural substitute for expensive and harmful chemicals in vegetable gardens, on commercial farms and orchards.

Follow all directions carefully. Timing and methods of application, weather,

crop conditions, mixtures with other chemicals not specifically recommended and other influencing factors in the use of this product are beyond the control of the Seller. Buyer assumes all risks of use, storage and handling of this material when not in strict accordance with the direction given on this label.

2. Food Preservative Use: Eco True Int'l , when used in a washing process, for Fruits,Vegetables, etc., will apply a minute film of food grade copper sulfur that will not allow bacteria, algae, fungi and molds to regenerate. Eco True Int'l depending upon the types of food, will extend shelf life for several days and up to weeks. Food may be frozen after the application of Eco True Int'l. When thawed, the Eco True Int'l will begin to take effect. See directions.

3. Holding Tanks: Eco True Int'l is one of the safest and most effective products to control odor and sanitize the holding tanks in recreational vehicles, boats, campgrounds, airplanes, and portable potties of any kind. Only 1 oz. is effective in the average recreational vehicle.

4. Bordeaux Mixture: Broad Spectrum Fungacide


Copper sulfate is one of the oldest, safest and most recognized algaecide , bactericide and fungicides known to man. It is a natural earth bacteria. Copper Sulfate is environmentally friendly to almost all animal and plant life. Simple means of application and a lagoon of simplicity is all that is required to get excellent control and digestion of waste material. Copper sulfate's only problem is that it is hard to keep in suspension and to keep it distributed throughout the pond for extended periods of time. Our new and improved Eco True Int'l Vitamin Grade Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate has solved this problem.

It has only been recently that the processes have been developed to chelate the copper and hold it in suspension within the total lagoon or lake area. These chelating agents will hold the copper in suspension indefinitely as long as the pH of the lagoon or lake is not allowed to rise above 8.2.

EDTA's and HEDTA's are not an effective chelating agent for copper, since they only work in high pH environments, and will not work in the neutral pH range that anaerobic bacteria create.

In brief, Eco True Int'l is nontoxic, and it replaces highly potent and toxic chemicals that traditionally have widespread applications. Modern life would be very different without these traditional chemicals that are widely used, in spite of their extreme toxicity to plant, animal and human life and apparent harm to the environment, including the earth's ozone layer. Chlorine is one such example.

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