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Also known as: Blu-Majic,  NATEC Blue Magic,  AquaPure,  Blue Magic, Natures Pool,  Eco True Int'l

Product Information


CHARACTERISTICS - Eco True Int'l is a unique chelated reagent which provides stabilized copper sulfate in solution. Eco True Int'l chemically reacts with odorous sulfur compounds and reduces ammonia gases as Eco True Int'l is an ammonia buffer. Examples of odorous sulfur compounds where this product is effective are:

Hydrogen Sulfide, Methyl Mercaptans, Ethyl Mercaptans, Propyl Mercaptans, Butyl Mercaptans


CHEMISTRY - Copper Sulfate

Reacts with sulfides and other organics to form insoluble salts Cu++ +S-- -->CuS

All sulfide ions are tightly bound and unavailable to exhibit the odor or corrosive chemical characteristics. There are no objectionable chemical reactions such as Chlorinated hydrocarbons

APPLICATION - Eco True Int'l can be applied to most misting scrubbers by standard method of application. Dilution rates are site specific and based on PPM of H2S, and / or Mercaptans and air flow rates ( cfm ).

HANDLING - Store concentrate Eco True Int'l in original container and above 32 degrees F°. Freezing may cause product separation.

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